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What is the best oil to use in racing engines?

Professional racers across North America recognize AMSOIL products as the best and most effective available. The number of championships and checkered flags claimed by AMSOIL sponsored racers is testament to the extraordinary performance AMSOIL products provide.

Many other oil companies formulate advanced lubricants available only to the professional racers they sponsor. By their standards, all AMSOIL formulations are advanced. The same products used by AMSOIL-sponsored professional racers across all disciplines are the same products available to you. 

Here’s what some have to say about AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.“It’s not uncommon for us to see engine temps over300º. There’s no other oil I’d trust on race day.”

Scott Douglas11 World Championships 

More importantly, AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil lives up to its performance claims, delivering real-world benefits experienced by countless bikers. Formulated specifically to meet the demands of motorcycles, its exceptional high temperature film strength provides maximum wear protection. AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil promotes superior engine cleanliness, wet-clutch performance and transmission protection. Its performance has earned AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil a strong reputation for quality, delivering the performance the bikers want.

“There’s only one oil I trust to protect my Rotax® engines.”
- Steve Schuering Owner, Scheuring Speed Sports 

Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest small-engine manufacturer, and karting is the fastest-growing motorsport in the U.S. Tens of thousands of racers rely on Briggs & Stratton engines at the track every weekend. While using competing oils in the extreme operating conditions of its racing motors, Briggs & Stratton experienced myriad failures and issues, including accelerated wear, foul odor, oil vaporization and very short change intervals. Looking to resolve the problems, Briggs & Stratton chose AMSOIL to formulate Synthetic 4T Racing Oil. AMSOIL entered the partnership enthusiastically, formulating an oil that provides outstanding protection and performance in extreme operating conditions. Providing an oil exclusively for Briggs & Stratton’s highest-performing racing engines strengthens the AMSOIL reputation for quality and increases brand recognition.

Premium Oil for Severe Racing ApplicationsSynthetic 4T Racing Oil is formulated specifically to handle the severity of Briggs & Stratton modified competition engines used in kart, junior drag, quarter midget and other racing applications and is recommended for any four-stroke air-cooled competition engine, whether single- or multi-cylinder, splash- or pressure-lubricated.

Combining the protection qualities of a heavy oil with the performance benefits of a light oil, Synthetic 4T Racing Oil helps racers elicit the most horsepower and longest life from their engines. It provides outstanding protection in both stock karts and limited-mod kart applications running over 10,000 rpm, with no sacrifice in horsepower. Racers using competing oils need both a light and a medium oil to achieve a similar combination of protection and horsepower. Synthetic 4T Racing Oil was dyno-tested using the Briggs & Stratton Animal engine, and proven to provide outstanding performance in the most-extreme conditions possible. It effectively resists the elevated heat common to high performance racing engines, and it protects against the formation of corrosion between races and during longer storage periods. 

“We are really excited about this relationship with AMSOIL,” said Director of Briggs & Stratton Racing David Klaus. “After a year in development and our first race season under our belt, racers are seeing the benefits of an oil engineered specifically for the environment in which it operates.”

Dominator Coolant Boost has been reformulated with the latest organic-acid technology. The new technology adds to the benefits provided by the previous formulation, including reduced engine temperatures by up to 25ºF (previously 19ºF) in straight-water applications and up to 54 percent faster engine warm-up times (previously 45 percent). Organic acids are more robust and longer-lasting than inorganic acids, offering excellent resistance to scaling, drop-out and corrosion. They also contribute to improved compatibility; the new Dominator Coolant Boost formulation can be mixed with soft, tap and distilled water, in addition to any brand of antifreeze. Users will also notice the product is now orange in color.

Synthetic Racing Oil Products

Break-In Oil (SAE 30)

Formulated without friction modifiers to allow for quick and efficient piston ring seating in new and rebuilt high-performance and racing engines. Contains zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to protect cam lobes, lifters and rockers during the critical break-in period when wear rates are highest.
 DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil

• Excellent film strength for high-heat, high-rpm motors 
• Anti-friction formula for maximum power 
• Burns clean; helps prevent ring sticking and plug fouling 
• Protects coated and noncoated racing pistons 
Briggs & Stratton Synthetic 4T Racing Oil

• Tested and Validated by Briggs & Stratton and AMSOIL 
• Combines the protection of a heavier oil with the performance of a lite oil 
• Reduces harmful heat 
• Inhibits foam 
• Resists corrosion

• Formulated specifically for racing & high-performance engines 
• Robust formulation resists viscosity loss 
• Proprietary friction modifier maximizes horsepower & torque 
• Fortified with anti-wear additives for extra protection
DOMINATOR® 10 W-30 Racing Oil

Provides superior performance and maximum protection in high-performance and racing applications. DOMINATOR is engineered from advanced synthetic technology to better withstand the elevated rpm, high temperatures and shock-loading common to racing applications.
Super Shift® Racing Transmission Fluid10W

Resists extreme heat to virtually eliminate slippage and improve shift performance while protecting against wear, helping racers improve on the track and save money in the garage.

• Helps reduce extreme heat 
• Promotes smooth shifts 
• Guards against wear
Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #5 Light

In suspension systems where less dampening and quicker rebounds are desired, including those made by Showa*, Kayaba*, Bilstein*, RydeFX*, Penske* and WP* forks; and RACETECH* (US1) and Custom Axis*.
Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid #10 Medium

In suspension systems where more dampening control and slower rebounds are desired, including those made by Ohlin*, FOX*, RACETECH (US2), Koni* and WP shocks; and Harley-Davidson* forks that recommend type “E” or “B” fork oil.
Severe Gear® SAE 190 & Severe Gear® SAE 250


Recommended for racing applications that require heavier-viscosity gear lubricants. Engineered specifically for the demands of severe racing conditions. Provides improved flow over conventional oils, reducing viscous drag and power loss. The ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring. Extends gear life.

• Resists sling-off from G-forces and high speeds 
• Clings to gears – high-pinion style and at steep angles 
• Promotes cooler operating temperatures 
• Helps extend gear and bearing life
Severe Gear® 75W-90

• Superior film strength 
• Controls thermal runaway 
• Protects against rust and corrosion 
• Helps Reduce operating temperatures 
• Maximum efficiency 
• Long oil, seal & equipment life
Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Wax Spray

Miracle Wash is highly effective on virtually all non-porous and painted surfaces: 
• Cars 
• Trucks 
• RVs 
• Motorcycles 
• Boats 
• Countertops 
• Windows 
• Mirrors 
• Kitchen Appliances 
• Many More
DOMINATOR® Octane Boost

• Improves performance 
• Removes carbon deposits 
• Maximizes power 
• Reduces engine knock 
• Improves ignition 
• Improves responsiveness 
• Helps fuel burn cleaner
DOMINATOR® Coolant Boost

Formulated with proprietary tiered surfactant technology, providing quick and effective heat transfer inside radiator and cylinder heads, which results in reduced operating temperatures, more efficient operation, increased horsepower and significantly reduced engine warm-up times in cold weather.
Series 600 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid

AMSOIL synthetic brake fluids surpass Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements and provide racers with a brake fluid that delivers superior high-temperature performance preventing brake fade and vapor lock.
• High boiling points resist brake fade and vapor lock
Engine Assembly Lube

• Tenaciously clings to parts 
• High in anti-wear additives 
• Dissolves in oil 
• Provides rust & corrosion protection 
• Recommended for all fourstroke engines, including high-performance and racing engines
Ea Oil Filters

Ea Oil Filters have one of the best efficiency ratings in the automotive market providing a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns. Use PART NUMBER dropdown to select filter number.

WIX Oil Filter

Made with a full metal base plate for superior strength at the double seal & also feature a silicone anti-drainback valve. Glass-enhanced media in WIX oil filters offers greater efficiency, capturing more 10 to 12 micron sized particles than other cellulose/synthetic blend medias. Use PART NUMBER drop down to select filter.
DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease

Engineered to protect high-performance bearings and chassis components in racing applications operated on snow, dirt, water or track. It provides superior protection for bearings operating under high-speed, high-heat and heavy-load conditions.
Racing is Research
For AMSOIL, a day at the track isn’t just entertainment. Research through racing provides the opportunity to develop and validate AMSOIL lubricants in some of the toughest applications around. The effect doesn’t apply only to products for racing applications; it resonates throughout the entire AMSOIL product line. It’s an underlying philosophy captured in the phrase “Racing is Research,” and it has helped guide product development since the company’s early days.
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