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Personal protective gear plays a vital role in motorcycle safety. Thus, this post by Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego has listed essential clothing and gear you must wear to ride safely.

Nothing compares to the feeling of riding a motorcycle! It's fun, empowering, and gets you to experience the road like no one else. However, hopping to a motorcycle entails taking safety measures to avoid hazardous situations. Keep in mind that a motorcycle ride gets you exposed to the elements; therefore, you must be cautious and wear protective items to shield yourself from scratches, abrasions, or any other injury you may encounter on the road. Thus, this post focuses on the right gear and clothing you must wear to keep you safe while riding. To that end, here are the pieces of equipment you need for ensuring motorcycle safety.

5 Motorcycle Safety Gear Must-Haves


Wearing a helmet is the golden rule of motorcyclist safety. If you were to fall while riding, wearing a helmet could make a real difference since it shields your head and neck. Most helmets have a thick and dense foam that cushions the head effectively to soften crashes. This foam absorbs impact to reduce the risk of severe head injury and prevent fatal wounds. Additionally, since wearing an oversized helmet can be uncomfortable and inefficient, it's essential to choose one that fits perfectly. When looking out for one, make sure it adjusts comfortably and doesn't tilt back and forth when you move your head.

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Motorcycle Goggles

Sometimes, the road's conditions are challenging for a motorcyclist's eyes; for example, if you are riding on a dusty road, airborne debris might come into your eyes and get them irritated. Plus, as a rider, you need good visibility to ensure safety while riding; therefore, eye protection is vital for any motorcyclist. To keep your eyes safe from dust, insects, or gravel on the road, you'll need more than an average pair of sunglasses, so look for motorcycling visors, glasses, or goggles. On the whole, choose eye protection that fits right with your helmet and feels comfortable.


Riding a motorcycle barehanded might seem like not a big deal, but actually, it's significantly dangerous and uncomfortable. For starters, if you were to fall from your motorcycle with outstretched hands, having gloves would minimize any hand or wrist injury the fall may cause. Plus, when you maneuver the handlebars while riding, the constant rubbing between your hands and the handlebars produces friction that may cause blisters on your skin; to that end, gloves are an essential piece of gear to provide comfort and protection to your hands and wrists.

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Riding Boots

When riding, you must change your feet position constantly to keep yourself stable on a motorcycle; therefore, your feet and ankles are crucial to operating a two-wheel vehicle. Nonetheless, these parts of your body are still vulnerable to injury when road threats appear, so you must protect them with the proper footwear. To that end, riding boots provide coverage and ankle support. In the event of a fall, riding boots would minimize the risk of ankle injuries by covering both feet and ankles.

Riding Jacket and Pants

Lastly, if you ride your motorcycle with shorts and a t-shirt, your skin is exposed to sunburns, road rashes, or even bruises if you fall off. Hence, it is important to cover your whole body with the right protective gear; for example, for the upper part of your body, choose a riding jacket with padding in the back and elbows for cold weather and an armored shirt for summer's warm days. For your legs, you can wear jeans; however, to improve safety, the best option is to choose riding pants with knee armor.

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