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Choose the Best Type of Oil for Your Engine

How well your car drives and how great it performs depends a lot on you. There are many things you must do to make sure your engine is working at its best. One of them is choosing the right type of oil, but what are the different types of oil and their main differences? Today at Synthetic Oil Inc. we will briefly review the main types of oils out there and some quick differences.

The Downside of Conventional Oil

When choosing the correct type of oil you need to keep in mind that cheap means just that, something that will not last very long. Conventional oils are usually the least expensive but can cost you a lot in the long run. They offer some protection and are not always stable in extreme temperatures. Due to their abundance in natural occurring chemicals that are quickly decomposed in the heat or terribly thicken in the cold. This type of oil may be ok, if you are religious about oil changes, do not experience extreme weather, or harsh driving conditions, and check the oil very constantly.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Another oil type you will come across is a synthetic oil blend. These type of oils are only part synthetic. They do not protect as well as full synthetic oils but do offer somewhat more protection than conventional oils. The price is higher than that of conventional oils but is not necessarily a great investment. Due to the fact that it contains a blend of synthetic and conventional components it can only offer a fraction of the benefits and may withstand some abrupt changes in the temperature but not very extreme cases.

Properties of Full Synthetic Oil

If you are looking for protection and durability with all the advantages, then what you need is full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil will give your engine the correct coverage in all types of conditions. The finely fabricated components of its formula allows it to provide extreme protection, and makes it great at keeping the engine free of build up and sludge. From severe temperatures to higher loads and longer roads, synthetic oil will be able to constantly protect your engine from many factors. It will also prolong the engine life and enhance its performance.

Synthetic Oil in San Diego

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