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Have you ever felt that horrible feeling you get when you just filled you fuel tank and you notice there’s less than a quarter left? It seems like you just filled up yesterday! What can you do to make your fuel last longer and avoid that horrific feeling? LLC, AMSOIL dealer in San Diego brings you a few tips on how to save fuel this summer.

Keep it Leveled

When you fill up your tank with gas, do so to at least half the tank and try not to let it go down lower than a quarter full. The less fuel your car runs on, the more stress you put on the full tank. A fuller tank may increase your mileage.

Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego

When you are getting your oil change ask for a synthetic oil change and if you can, add a synthetic additive as well. Synthetic additives can increase your gas mileage up to 15%, which means that you'll be increasing your fuel economy and protecting the environment. Be sure to use the best products in the market, AMSOIL products.

Choose Quality over Quantity

It may seem like a better deal to buy the cheaper fuel, but it probably contains a higher percent of ethanol which makes the fuel burn faster. Make an experiment to try another brand different from your usual one, and compare the fuel usage.

Opt for the Best Synthetic Oil in San Diego

When you are ready for that synthetic oil change, make sure you do it with AMSOIL products. Call LLC in San Diego at (423) 845-0157, to ask about the benefits they can provide. You won���t regret it! You can also head straight to their online store to purchase whatever AMSOIL product you may need, such as the best synthetic oil in San Diego.

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