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Selling your motorcycle may sound intimidating, but it really isn't very hard. If you're hoping to make some extra money selling yours, use these simple tips to get it done in no time!

Tips to Help You Sell Your Motorcycle

Selling your motorcycle may sound like it takes a lot more work than it actually does. If you've been putting off doing this because it's intimidating, there's not much to it. To help you prepare to sell your ride, use these simple tips.

Determine Your Asking Price

The first step in the selling process is determining the price of your motorcycle. For people who have a strong emotional attachment to their motorcycle, this can be tough to do fairly. Even so, you have to be realistic about how old your motorcycle is and the wear it's gotten through the years. If you have a hard time with pricing, check out similar styles that are for sale and take note of their asking price. You can also use a service like Kelly Blue Book to help you figure out what price range is common for your make and model. When setting the price, keep in mind that buyers will want to negotiate, so you will have to be a bit flexible in the end.

Have Your Paperwork Ready

To make the process smoother, be sure you have your motorcycle's paperwork ready to go. This will makes things happen faster after a potential buyer makes an offer. When you advertise your motorcycle, include the VIN in the description or have it ready to share when contacted by interested buyers. This number will help them get ahold of a vehicle history report which will help them feel more at ease when deciding whether or not to invest in your motorcycle. It's also important that you have your title on hand. You will have to transfer this to the buyer, so be sure you know where it is and what the process entails. Finally, have a bill of sale ready to sign. These aren't always required but will ensure you don't have issues after the sale is finalized.

Freshen up Your Motorcycle

Now that you're ready to list your motorcycle for sale, you will need to get it clean. You can give it a wash yourself or take it to get a professional wash. Either way, be sure to thoroughly get it clean and waxed. Get the spots you usually ignore, like under the seat and around the battery. Since buyers will want to get an up-close look at everything, you want to be prepared. Don't forget to also take care of tasks like getting an oil change, filling up the fuel tank, and even getting a tune-up. To keep your engine protected, be sure to give it a synthetic oil change in San DiegoClick here to buy  AMSOIL's INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil and keep your motorcycle running strong. To find even more great products for your motorcycle, contact the oil pros at Synthetic Oil Inc. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 to learn more. You can also stop by their online shop to place your order.

Advertise Your Motorcycle Properly

Now that your motorcycle is looking its best, it's the perfect time to advertise it. Look for websites where you can post your listing and get a large number of responses. You may want to consider posting your motorcycle on social media, in forums, and on dedicated selling websites. Along with your description of the motorcycle and your contact information, your posts should also include plenty of photos. Take your photos during the day when the sun is shining since this will be the most flattering light. Take wide shots as well as detailed shots of your ride. As you take photos, think of what potential buyers will want to see.

Get in Touch With Potential Buyers

After posting your ad, chances are you're going to be getting calls and messages asking about your motorcycle. Don't ignore incoming calls and do your best to respond to messages in a timely manner. If you wait too long, the buyer may move on to another motorcycle. You should also be ready to schedule a viewing and to negotiate. Set up viewings in a public space that isn't your home. Try to take someone with you for safety reasons. If the potential buyer wants to go on a test ride, you may be skeptical. It's best to have a system in place for when this is asked. Since you can't ride with them, you may want to ask them to give you the payment for the ride, which you will return once their test ride is over. It's also a good idea to have them sign something that makes them responsible for any damage they may cause to your motorcycle while test riding it.

Give Your Motorcycle a Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego, CA

To keep your motorcycle in great shape, give it a synthetic oil change in San Diego. Find a great oil for your motorcycle by contacting the oil pros at Synthetic Oil Inc. To learn more about their products or to place your order, give them a call at (800) 653-0323.

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