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Nailing Down the Deal

Keep the following tactics and games in mind every time you find yourself in the process of buying anything expensive. Car dealers aren't the only sharpies out there, you know.

Take Advantage of Rebates

Many auto manufacturers offer rebate programs for new vehicles. Call the car manufacturer for up-to-date information on available rebates and keep an eye on the car ads on television and in local newspapers to spot special, limited-time offers. Rebates are often attached to financing packages or come with other strings attached, so check the fine print closely before committing yourself to purchasing a vehicle under one of these deals. Don't discuss rebates with dealers until you've negotiated the lowest possible price without one.

Choose the Best Time to Buy

In addition to new-model time, you have other windows of opportunity to get a vehicle at a lower price. Car Salespeople have quotas to meet and are judged by their performance at regular intervals. Arrange to negotiate when the pressure on them is at its greatest:
  • The end of the sales week, usually on Saturday. If your salesperson or sales manager has had a slow week, you could have cause to celebrate on Saturday night.
  • After the 25th of the month. At this point, the sales staff at many dealerships gets antsy about making their monthly quotas. As a result, they may be quite willing to shave a bit off their normal commissions to make a sale.
  • The end of the year. This is the last chance for good annual figures. If you can wait until the end of December, you may give yourself a great holiday present.
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