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As summer weather finally arrives in full force, be sure you know how to keep your car in top shape this season. Use these tips to make it easier!

Tips to Help You Care for Your Car This Summer

Before taking off on your summer road trip, be sure your car is ready for the miles and miles you'll be driving. Remember that it's not only long stretches of road that can affect your car, the summer heat can also exacerbate certain issues. To ensure your car won't leave you stranded on the road, check out these maintenance suggestions.

Listen to Your Brakes

It may sound silly to suggest that you listen to a part of your car to detect issues, but this can actually work with quite a few different parts. Your brakes are one of the many parts that can let you know there is an issue by the noise they are making. Strange noises and squeakiness at stops can let you know that your brakes need to be looked at. Pulsations when you brake as well as a longer stop time are other indicators of an issue in your braking system. Fixing these issues can sometimes be quite easy, but in other instances, you will need the help of a professional. It's best not to try and DIY something if you have no idea what you're doing because your brakes are imperative to your road safety. As soon as you notice an issue, take your car into the shop before that issue has a chance to grow.

Keep Your Fluids in Check

There are many different fluids at work throughout your car, and you want to be sure they're all able to do their job properly. If they're running out or are no longer in good condition, this can lead to all kinds of trouble. Take some time to check on your coolant, motor oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid this summer. If any of them are running low, top them off using the same type of fluid that is already in the reservoir. If you notice that the same fluid keeps disappearing quickly, this may indicate that you have a leak. Don't ignore this and instead take your car into the shop to get checked out. While checking on your fluids, don't forget to check on your motor oil. In fact, if it's time for an oil change, make it a synthetic oil change in San Diego, CA. Find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle by contacting Synthetic Oil Inc. at (800) 653-0323. You can also shop all of their best AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

Change Your Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers may seem like the least important part of your car, but they can be a real life save in certain situations. Even if you're not expecting any summer storms this season, you will still need functioning windshield wipers. There are many reasons for this, especially if you're taking a road trip. During long driving stretches you can be sure quite a few bugs will accumulate on your windshield along with dust and other debris. This can seriously affect your visibility, so you will need to clean off your windshield periodically. Without functioning windshield wipers, this simply won't work. So, if your wipers are dry, cracked, and brittle, it's definitely time for new ones.

Prevent an Overheating Engine

Overheating engines are quite common during the summer, but this isn't simply because of the extremely hot temperatures. While they can be part of the problem, an overheating engine is most likely to be caused by an issue in your cooling system. Leaks or malfunctioning parts tend to be the main reasons behind overheating engines, but the summer heat can make overheating happen faster. To prevent your engine from overheating this summer, take some extra time to inspect your cooling system. Check on your coolant often and keep it at the proper level. Look out for little fluid drops under your car or a green fluid spilling out onto other parts under your hood which indicate you have a leak. These types of issues along with malfunctioning parts, like a fan or water pump, should be taken care of right away before any serious damage is done.

It's Time for a Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego, CA

If it's time for your car's next oil change, make it a synthetic oil change in San Diego, CA. To find the perfect oil for your car, contact Synthetic Oil Inc at (800) 653-0323.  They can recommend products like AMSOIL Oil's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.

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