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Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

As the end of fall approaches, so does the end of boating season. Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego has some tips to help you prepare your boat for its winter storage.

Clean Your Boat

One of the first things you will need to do before putting your boat away for the winter is give it a good cleaning. Start by scrubbing down your boat's exterior and applying a fresh coat of wax. Washing down the exterior will help remove built on grime that can be corrosive and damage your boat. As you wash the exterior, pay attention to the condition of your boat. If you notice any issues, repair them now before they have a chance to get worse. Remember that taking care of these tasks now will mean your boat will be ready for use in the spring. Your boat's interior will also need some care. Wipe down surfaces and vacuum the inside of your boat. Just like the exterior, keep an eye out for areas that need touchups or repairs. If you're planning to store your boat outdoors, don't forget to remove and store electronics and items made of organic materials, such as fabric seat cushions.

Replace Your Boat's Oil

Changing your boat's motor oil is a very important part of its maintenance. The state of your oil can make a huge difference when it comes to engine wear and protection. To ensure your engine is well protected for longer, be sure to drain its old oil and replace it with new oil before winter. Replace the oil filter and find the perfect  AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Motor Oil for your model. Doing so will ensure your engine is protected against corrosive materials which may have penetrated your oil during the boating season. For help finding the best synthetic oil for your boat, contact Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego. Their team of experts can help you find the best AMSOIL synthetic oil and oil filters for all of the engines in your life. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 or browse their online shop for a full range of products.

Fill the Fuel Tank

Although your boat won't be burning fuel over the winter, it's still important that you keep its tank full. Storing your boat with a less than full fuel tank will allow condensation to enter. Condensation can then turn into rust and cause corrosion in the fuel tank. If this happens, it shouldn't be ignored. Rust and other corrosion can mix in with your fuel and cause issues in other parts of the fuel system. Avoid having to deal with this in the spring by filling up your fuel tank before storing your boat. To ensure your fuel is ready for use in the spring, mix a fuel stabilizer into your tank.

Care for the Battery

The battery is an important part of your boat that needs to be taken care of properly even when your boat is not in use. Before storing your boat for the winter, be sure to disconnect its battery. Although your boat won't be in use, leaving the battery connected during the winter will cause it to drain and may even cause it to die. To keep your battery in good shape disconnect it and charge it periodically over the winter. This will help ensure it is ready to be used once spring arrives. While you're ate it, don't forget to clean your battery's connections and posts. This will help reduce the occurrence of rust and faulty connections over time.

Cover Your Boat

Before putting your boat in storage until spring, be sure it's well covered. To find the perfect cover for you boat, look for one designed for you specific model. If you can't find one made for your boat, look for a cover that fits it snuggly but not too tight. The right fitting cover will protect your boat from the elements and will also allow for proper ventilation. This will be important in reducing the amount of moisture that is allowed under the cover during the winter months.

Give Your Boat a Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego

If you need help finding the perfect synthetic oil for your boat, trust the experts at Synthetic Oil Inc in San Diego to help you find the right oil for all of your needs. Contact them at (800) 653-0323 and be sure to ask about their synthetic oil deals and specials in San Diego. Don't forget to visit their online shop for a full range of the best AMSOIL products around!

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