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Give your lawn the best care by keeping your riding mower at peak performance with today’s maintenance tips by Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego.

Keeping your ride-on lawn mower in great shape is key to growing a healthy green lawn on your property. If you own a small engine, you must ensure simple maintenance tasks to prolong your machine's life of service and performance. To that end, today's post by Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego has essential tips you can follow to keep your small engine at peak performance.

First, Prepare With These Pre-Maintenance Tips

  • Good maintenance begins with safety measures! Thus, make sure to disconnect the mower's spark plug before any revision. Doing this is vital since you'll be inspecting a machine with blades, and the safest way to avoid any unexpected start-up, is by cutting off the engine's ignition.
  • Your riding mower has specific maintenance requirements you must learn to improve your care for it. To that end, refer to your operator's manual, the main source of information you need when in doubt.
  • Look through the maintenance schedule your small engine requires for optimal condition. If you can't keep up with the time intervals indicated in your operator's manual, make sure to give your riding mower a general clean and check at least once every season.
  • Lastly, remember the best moment to do any maintenance procedure or cleaning is right after mowing.

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Check The Air Filter

From the moment you start your riding mower, its engine sucks air in to perform combustion and run smoothly. Consequently, the air filter plays a critical role in trapping particles that could damage the motor, such as dust, mud, grass cutting, bugs, and other airborne debris. If your air filter has accumulated dirt, find out if it's washable by referring to your operator's manual; otherwise, replace it as soon as possible to improve your small engine's breathing.

Measure Essential Fluids

Good fluid levels make for a much-improved riding lawn performance; furthermore, the main fluids and liquids shield your small engine against premature wear, friction, and heat. For those reasons, make sure to check the following levels:
  • Engine oil: This fluid gets pumped around the small engine's systems to lubricate and protect the moving parts against friction and heat. Give engine oil levels a frequent check to ensure your machine is well-oiled and at optimal temperature.
  • Coolant: This liquid plays a crucial role in maintaining your small engine's operating temperature by absorbing heat. Also, the coolant has corrosion inhibitors to protect the motor against oxidation. To that end, make sure your riding mower has proper coolant levels.
  • Transmission fluid: Ensuring the right transmission fluid levels means running a lubricated and efficient transmission moving gearset. Overall, this system provides wheels with power and speed; therefore, look over its levels regularly.

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Check The Spark Plug

Your riding mower wouldn't start without the spark that ignites the fuel-oxygen mixture; to that end, it requires an efficient spark plug at every combustion cycle. This little plug wears down quickly and needs to be replaced often. Plus, you must inspect it every 100 hours of use approximately.

Inspect The Blades

As we mentioned above, it's vital to disconnect the spark plug before any revision, mainly to check the riding mower's blades. Also, make sure to wear protective gloves to do this procedure safely. Now, considering that blades have rough contact with the ground and are prone to damage, replace them if you notice they are bent or cracked; however, if the blades are just blunt, get them to your manufacturer or dealer to get them resharpened.

Clean Your Riding Mower

Lastly, it's worth noting that mud, grass, and moisture accumulates beneath the mower's deck after operating it for a long time. If the machine is left uncleaned, the dirt underneath can turn into a rusty obstruction that diminishes blades performance. For that reason, it's essential to give your riding mower a thorough clean regularly.

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