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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for the Winter

Now that winter is here, motorcycle riders must decide whether to store their ride for the season or continue riding in the cold. Whatever you decide, be sure you take the proper steps to keep yourself and your motorcycle safe.

How to Store Your Motorcycle in the Winter

If you're putting your motorcycle away for the season, use these tips to properly prepare it for storage.

Pick a Storage Location

Where you store your motorcycle is very important because although your motorcycle won't be in use, it still needs to be well protected from the elements. Ideally, your motorcycle should be stored indoors where it won't have to deal with winter storms and where temperatures will be a bit warmer. A cool, dry place that doesn't experience huge changes in temperature is ideal because it will reduce the amount of condensation and moisture your motorcycle has to deal with. Place it on a stand to reduce the amount of damage your tires experience. Do your best to keep it away from windows because direct sunlight can cause damage and add to condensation issues. No matter where you store it, provide your motorcycle with a proper cover. A cover made for your specific model will fit best and will work better to keep your motorcycle protected.

Get an Oil Change

Before storing your motorcycle, give it an oil change. Although your engine won't be running this season, new oil will still do a better job at keeping it protected while in storage. Your old oil will be affected by acids that it developed during the riding season, so it's best to drain this and replace it with a fresh synthetic oil. These acids can cause internal damage to metal components while it sits in your motorcycle. A fresh synthetic oil will prevent this damage while offering superior protection. Don't forge to also change your motorcycle's oil filter before leaving it for the season.

Use a Fuel Stabilizer

Although you won't using your motorcycle's fuel this season, you will still need a full tank for the best results. A less than full tank will allow condensation to form and can cause rust. Prevent this by filling up on fresh fuel before storing your motorcycle. Once you've filled up your tank, add a fuel stabilizer and let your engine run for a few minutes. This will allow the fuel stabilizer to properly mix in with your fuel. Using a fuel stabilizer will prevent your gas from becoming stale and potentially clogging up important parts of your fuel system. To find the perfect oil for your motorcycle, contact Synthetic Oil Inc. in National City. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 or stop by their online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL Oil products or to place an order.

Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

If you don't plan to store your motorcycle this season, do make sure you're prepared for the winter roads.

Layer Up

Before heading out for a ride, be sure you're wearing the proper riding gear. Since temperatures can drop quite low, it's best to wear layers that will keep you warm but that are also breathable. Wear long sleeves and long pants that will keep you warm but that will also allow any sweat to evaporate without adding to the cold. Always carry waterproof gear just in case you get caught in a storm. Prevent your hands from freezing by always wearing gloves. Just like during any other season, always wear a helmet and boots with proper grip.

Avoid Dangerous Roads

Do your homework before heading out on your motorcycle. Certain roads may be more dangerous because of heavy holiday traffic or because they are more affected by the winter weather. Whatever the case is, learn what roads to avoid in order to stay safe. Once you're on the road, always stay alert and pay attention to the condition of the street. Look out for puddles and ice that can be very slick and dangerous.

Check the Weather

Even if you're an avid motorcycle rider, there are times when you should opt to leave your motorcycle at home. Always check the weather before heading out the door in order to ensure you won't get caught in a wild storm. If there is a storm coming, stay safe and leave your motorcycle at home. Even if you do your best to keep up with the weather, you may still get caught in a heavy storm. If this is the case, it may be best to pull over and wait for the storm to clear before continuing on. Stay safe on the road with even more winter riding tips.

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