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Tips to Help You Take Your Motorcycle Out of Storage and Onto the Road

For many motorcycle owners spring is a great season. The warmer weather and easier road conditions mean it is the perfect time to take their motorcycle out of storage and take it out for a spin. If you're one of those eager motorcycle riders who can't wait to get on the open road, do remember there are maintenance tasks that need to be performed on your motorcycle to make sure it's ready for a ride. Synthetic Oil Inc. in La Mesa can help you get started on your maintenance with these basic tips.

Start With a Thorough Wash

Whether or not you stored your motorcycle over the winter months, it likely needs a wash. Even if it was kept under a cover, moisture and dust may have made their way onto your motorcycle. Wash your motorcycle and dry thoroughly to prevent it from developing water stains. Once it's dry, remember to also apply a layer of wax onto your motorcycle. While the wax will give your bike more sparkle, it does a lot more than just that. It give your motorcycle an extra layer of protection from road hazards, such as rocks and even UV rays.

Inspect Your Motorcycle's Tires

There are several key points to check on your tires before taking your motorcycle out for a ride. The cold winter climates are known to cause tires to lose air pressure, so start by pumping your tires up to their recommended pressure. Once you tires are properly inflated, you will be better able to inspect them for other issues. If your motorcycle wasn't stored on a stand, your tires may have developed flat spots from supporting your bike all season long. Check for other issues, such as cracks in the sidewalls, that may be indicators that it's time for a new set of tires. Before you take your motorcycle out on the road, be sure to give it a full synthetic oil change in La Mesa. Synthetic Oil Inc. can help you find the best synthetic oil and oil filter for your motorcycle. Contact us at (800) 653-0323 and ask about our synthetic oil deals and specials. Stop by our online shop and check out our full stock of the best AMSOIL products for all of your vehicles.

Check Your Fluids

It's important that you check, refill, or replace the fluids in your motorcycle this spring. Start by checking on your coolant and brake fluid. Brake fluid is known to break down quickly because it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Because of this, you should flush your old brake fluid and replace it before your first spring ride. Check on your coolants and consider flushing it as well, especially if your motorcycle tends to run quite hot. Lastly, after sitting all winter long, it's time to change your motorcycle's oil. Invest in a full synthetic oil to get the most out of your engine while keeping it fully protected. As you prepare to change your oil, remember to also replace your motorcycle's oil filter for best results.

Take Care of the Fuel

There are a few important things to keep in mind when dealing with your motorcycle's fuel after it's been stored all winter. If you used a fuel stabilizer over the winter, your fuel is likely ready for use, but don't stray too far from gas stations. This fuel may burn out quicker than what you're used to. If you stored your motorcycle with a full tank of fuel but didn't use a fuel stabilizer, don't rely on your old fuel. Gasoline tends to go "bad" over time and can cause serious issues for your motorcycle, including clogged fuel injectors. If you left your fuel tank below full over the winter, look into the tank and check it for rust or corrosion. A less than full fuel tank will allow moisture inside that can lead to rust. If this is the case with your motorcycle, you will need to replace the fuel, but only after cleaning the rust out of the tank.

Charge the Battery

What you need to do with your battery will depend on how you handled over the winter. If it was connected to a charger with a tender, a trickle charger, or if you took care of charging it over the winter, it'll likely be ready to go. If you let it lose charge over the winter months, let it charge a couple weeks before your first ride of the spring. It's a good idea to do this in advance because sometimes uncharged batteries can lose their power and will need to be replaced.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in La Mesa

As you prepare to head out on the road with your motorcycle this spring, don't skip out on a synthetic oil change in La Mesa! To find the perfect AMSOIL Oil for your engine, contact Synthetic Oil Inc in La Mesa. Give us a call at (800) 653-0323 and ask about our synthetic oil deals and specials.

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