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There is no opportune moment for your car to overheat. Unfortunately it does happen, especially during the summer or in places with hot weather…and with the heat coming up better start with those preventive measures. At Synthetic Oil in San Diego we have come up with some information you need to know about overheated engines, how to take care of them, and how to prevent them.

Why Does it Overheat?

There are different reasons why your car overheats:
  • If you are driving at a low speed and your engine is overheating, it is probably a lack of airflow through the radiator. This may be because you have radiator damage, a faulty electric fan or one of its components or maybe the radiator is obstructed by leaves or trash.
  • If it overheats when you accelerate or drive hard. Maybe you have an undersized accelerator for your driving style. You need to switch radiator type.
  • If your car overheats only when you are taking long drives. Perhaps the thermostat is stuck closed, you have a damaged radiator, running low won the coolant or maybe you have a faulty radiator cap. Make sure there is nothing blocking the front bumper openings. In case of the faulty radiator cap, you’ll know that’s the problem because you’ll see steam form the boiling coolant rise.

Car Maintenance

Like you get regular check-ups to keep your body in functioning health, your vehicle needs the same care. Listen to your car, for signs that there’s something wrong, keep track of signs lighting up in the dashboard. You should take it ever so often for a professional inspection they will check the tire pressure, battery, brakes  and change or refill fluids like the coolant, windshield wiper fluid and of course the oil. Let’s think of all these fluids as vitamins for your car.  Remember to ask for the best synthetic oil, especially in hot weather. If you need more tips on car maintenance with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, check out this Maintenance Checklist. Visit our  website for more information on the best synthetic oil or give us a call  at: (800) 653-0323 if you have any questions.

Check Your Gauge

The temperature gauge is one of the most important features on your dashboard. It tells you how your car is doing temperature-wise.  A common mistake can be that your gauge measures the oil, when in fact it measures the temperature of the car’s coolant. Always keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If you see that it is indeed rising or there’s steam coming from under the hood, you need to pull over to let the engine cool. However if you really can’t pull over, turn off the AC and turn on your heat to max, this allows the heat to move from the engine to the passenger area. Do try to pull over and turn your car off as soon as you can, though.


Make sure you have the right coolant for your car. Coolants or antifreeze are sorted in different colors, your owner’s manual should tell you which one is right for you. Like most of the fluids that help your car work, coolant has a lifespan. After the date has passed, it will star leaving deposits in your engine and radiator and flow poorly. Replace it as often as needed to prevent overheating and corrosion. If you have replaced it and it seems to be running low, you may have a leak. This is way proper maintenance is very important. The professionals will use a cleaning agent through your engine and radiator to melt whatever deposits are left behind, then they will add the new antifreeze and an additive.  

Avoid Too Much Sun

It’s not like your car is a vampire that will melt with the sun, but it does get affected by the heat and the sun’s rays. Those factors increase the probability of your car overheating. So, use shades on your windows and windshields, and try to park under trees or places with shade.

More Tips…

  • When driving long distances always bring an extra gallon of antifreeze and distilled water.
  • Don’t open the radiator cap until it has cooled down, the coolant is at extreme temperature and pressure and it could cause serious burns.
  • Try not to overwork your engine.
Next time you need to change your oil, make sure to look for the best synthetic oil at Synthetic Oil in National City. Call us at (800) 653-0323, if you need more information about AMSOIL products and tips on good vehicle care you can purchase the products at our online store.  

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