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If you're not very savvy about cars, you're not alone. Many drivers don't know too much about their own car, which can make it hard to detect an issue. If this sounds like you, check out these tips.

Has Your Car Developed an Issue?

When your car is running into trouble, it'll let you know it needs maintenance. However, if you don't know what to look for, you can completely miss these signs. To help you get to know when your car needs attention, read these tips.

Trouble Starting Your Car

Having trouble starting your car isn't something that you should ignore. There can be a number of reasons why your car won't start, so it's important that you get it diagnosed. One of the most common issues that may be causing this is an old battery. As batteries get older, they will lose their charge and struggle to keep going. If your battery is old, get it tested before it stops working completely and leaves you stranded. Another reason this can be happening is because of loose or corroded cables. This can be easy to fix by simply ensuring the cables are properly and tightly connected so that there is no issue. If the cause of the problem is the alternator, you may notice things the lights in your car getting dimmer or issues with the stereo. It's important that you get this checked out because a bad alternator can cause damage to an otherwise good battery.

Smoke Coming from Your Car

Smoke coming from your car is not something you ever want to see. If, however, you do experience this, pull your car over and turn it off as soon as you can. This smoke is likely the result of your engine overheating. You may be low on coolant or have another issue in your cooling system that isn't allowing it to do its job properly. To prevent this from happening in the future, check on your coolant often. If you notice that you run low often, you may have a leak. Get this checked out quickly so that you don't end up overheating. It's also good practice to keep an eye on your car's temperature gauge when driving just in case the needle starts to move too much to the right.

Screechy Brakes

You may forget all about your car's brakes as long as they're doing fine. However, it's important that you check on them every so often so that you're sure they're still good. If you start to hear a screeching sound every time you use your brakes, then this is a clear sign that your brakes need help. Your brake pads may just be worn out, but this is still something you should get taken care of before it leads to more trouble. The longer you leave them in this condition, the more damage they can do to other parts of your car. To keep your engine protected, be sure to give it a synthetic oil change in San DiegoClick here to buy  AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your car running strong. To find even more great products for your car, contact the oil pros at Synthetic Oil Inc. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 to learn more. You can also stop by their online shop to place your order.

Strange Odors in the Car

When you're driving, don't assume all smells are coming from outside of your car. If you notice a smell often when driving, it may be a good idea to get this checked out. For example, if you smell gas in the cabin often, this probably has nothing to do with the gas station you just passed. This can be due to an issue with combustion. Your car may be using too much fuel and not enough air for this process, which won't be great for your car or your wallet. You may even notice black smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe as a result of this. Get this fixed as soon as you can to prevent further issues.

Dashboard Lights Turning On

Finally, never ignore a light that has turned on in your dashboard. These lights are meant to inform you when there is an issue developing, so getting whatever this is taken care of right away will save you from more trouble. When the trouble is urgent, the light will also blink and beep at you, so definitely don't ignore this. Get your car checked out as soon as you can to avoid serious damage.

Give Your Car a Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego, CA

To keep your car in great shape, give it a synthetic oil change in San Diego. Find a great oil for your car by contacting the oil pros at Synthetic Oil Inc. To learn more about their products or to place your order, give them a call at (800) 653-0323.

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