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If you've heard tons of motor oil myths and aren't sure what's true anymore, this post can help you separate truth from myth. Get to the bottom of some of the most common motor oil myths below.

Get to the Bottom of These Motor Oil Myths

When it comes to motor oil, there are plenty of myths that can cause tons of confusion for those who aren't experts on the subject. If you've found that you often receive contradicting information about this substance, you're definitely not alone. To learn the truth behind some of the most common motor oil myths, check out the information below.

Myth: Black Oil Needs to Be Changed

If you've seen what motor oil looks like when it comes out of a brand new bottle, then you know that it starts off an amber color. Over time, however, your oil will get darker. This makes sense since your oil is constantly circulating through your engine in order to keep it lubricated and clean. As it performs these jobs, your oil will pick up dirt and other debris that can cause damage to your engine. It only makes sense for your oil to get darker or even turn black within the first few weeks of it circulating through your engine. Instead of relying on your oil's color to alert you when it's ready to be changed, know what other signs to look out for and check your manufacturer's recommendations for the most accurate advice.

Myth: You Can't Go Back to Conventional Oil After Using a Synthetic Oil

In the oil world, there are two main types of oil that consumers have to choose between when getting an oil change: conventional oil and synthetic oil. Since conventional oil is what most people are used to, making the change to a synthetic oil can feel like a big decision. In fact, many people think that if you do decide to try out a synthetic oil this means you can't ever go back to using conventional oil. This simply isn't true. You can change back and forth between the two without any damage being done to your engine. Since synthetic oil has tons of benefits, however, you simply may not wnat to change back to conventional oil. If you're ready to give a synthetic oil change in San Diego a try, don't use just any oil. Treat your engine to an oil change using AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which will keep your engine healthier for longer. For help finding the right products for your vehicle, contact the friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Inc. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 or browse their online shop where you can find a full range of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

Myth: There Is One Standard Oil Change Interval

It's not uncommon to hear someone recommending that you get an oil change every three months or every 3,000 miles. While this may have been considered great advice in the past, it's no longer reliable. Since oil formulas have improved through the years and engines have seen technological advances, there is no longer one broad rule for oil change intervals. How often you will need to change your oil will depend on a number of factors, so avoid those rules which are supposed to be universal. Instead, rely on your manufacturer's recommendations since these will be the most accurate for your specific engine.

Myth: Synthetic Oil Is Too Expensive

On first glance, synthetic oil will appear to be more expensive when compared to conventional oil, but there's more to it than its price tag. To start, synthetic oil won't need to be changed as often as conventional oil which will lead you saving money on oil changes. On top of that, synthetic oil is known to provide superior engine protection, meaning fewer trips to the mechanic through the years. If that wasn't enough, synthetic oil can also help improve your gas mileage, meaning you'll also be saving at the pump when you fill up your tank. While the initial price may be higher, the savings that come with synthetic oil make it a better bargain.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in San Diego, CA for Better Engine Performance

Help your engine stay at its best for a long time by giving it a synthetic oil change in San Diego. If you've never used synthetic oil, the friendly oil experts at Synthetic Oil Inc can help you find the right products for your engine. Give them a call at (800) 653-0323 to get the personalized service you're after.

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