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If your child needs some driving lessons before taking their driver's test, chances are you will be in charge of this. Synthetic Oil Inc has tips you can use to help your child get their driver's license.

Use These Tips While Teaching Your Teen to Drive

As your teen prepares to get their driver's license, chances are they'll come to you for help. Even if you're not looking forward to taking them out for driving lessons, this is a great chance to ensure your child learns proper car safety. To make the most of these lessons, use these tips.

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Identify the Car's Basics

The first step is getting your child comfortable with the car they will be using. To do this, take the time to review the car's basic items that your child will often use when driving. Don't leave this until they need a specific item because this can only stress them out further. Before your first lesson, go over where to find each item and how to use it. These items will include the gas pedal, brake, emergency brake, gears, turn signals, windshield wipers, headlights, emergency lights, and defroster. Once they're comfortable with these, have your child adjust the seat so that it's comfortable for them and they can see over the dashboard. They should then follow up by adjusting the mirrors so that they can use these comfortably. If your child can use their own car for their driver's license test, be sure this is the car they are practicing in.

Look for a Good Practice Space

Your child may be nervous about getting behind the wheel, so start them off slow. Head to an area with little traffic and lots of space for your child to drive around without getting intimidated. Something like an empty parking lot will work best. Your child will have to start with the basics, like turning on the car, switching to the correct gear, and taking off. They can practice accelerating smoothly and coming to a smooth stop. Once they master this and get comfortable with the pedals, have them move on to practicing things like turning, parking in a spot, and going in reverse. These things are basic but will help your teen build their confidence and basic abilities.

Take Your Time

You may see that your child is making progress, but this doesn't mean you should quickly move onto a busy street right away. Head over to a residential area with little traffic and a low-speed limit to get your child used to driving around others. They can practice going steadily at a set speed limit, stopping smoothly at stop signs, and making good turns. They may encounter other drivers, but this is also good practice so that they get used to sharing the road. Have them also practice using their mirrors and parallel parking.

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Keep Things Calm in the Car

Most parents get nervous or frustrated when teaching their teens to drive. Being visibly nervous or yelling at your child will only make them feel more stressed, which can lead to more mistakes. Do your best to keep your cool and remain calm as they drive so that they too can stay calm and focused. Make suggestions or ask them questions as they're driving to keep them on the right track.

Look for a Professional Driving Instructor

If you're feeling too stressed out taking your child out driving, you can always enlist the help of a professional. There are tons of driving schools with programs made for high school students to get their driver's license. Their instructors have tons of experience and will be able to get your child more comfortable on the road.

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