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Is your motorcycle ready for the spring? This post can help you ensure your ride is ready for the new season with plenty of tips, including suggestions for the right synthetic motorcycle oil.

How to Properly Take Your Motorcycle out of Winter Storage and onto the Spring Roads

Charge the Battery

As you prepare your motorcycle for spring rides, take some time to ensure its battery is properly charged. After all, without a charged battery your motorcycle won't be able to get anywhere. If you kept your battery on a trickle charger or connected to a tender through the winter, it should be charged and ready. This is also true if you made sure to charge your battery every couple of weeks while your motorcycle was in storage. If you left your battery in your motorcycle all winter and didn't charge it, it will need to be charged. You also run the risk that your battery might be completely dead and will need to be replaced. Whatever the case is, check the your battery's voltage before your first ride just to be sure it won't leave you stranded.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

It is strongly recommended that you change your motorcycle's oil before storing it, but whether you did it or not you still need to check on it in the spring. When checking the oil, look at the condition and the level of it. If your oil has started to break down or if its not in ideal condition, it's time to change it. Your best bet is to give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change using a top quality oil like AMSOIL's 20W-40 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. This oil is designed to give your motorcycle the best lubrication even under extremely hot conditions. Check out AMSOIL's full range of synthetic motorcycle oils to find the best one for your ride.

Check the Tires

If your tires are in less than ideal condition, they won't be able to keep your motorcycle safely grounded on the road. Before deciding that your motorcycle is ready for a ride, give the tires a thorough inspection. Start by checking their air pressure and inflating them to the proper pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Once the tires are at their proper air pressure, check the tread and the walls of each tire looking out for tears, punctures, and any other damage. While inspecting the tread look out for the wear bars. If these are showing, your tires are too worn and need to be replaced. While you're at it, check the spokes and tighten any that are coming loose. Now that winter is coming to an end, prepare your motorcycle with the proper products. For help finding the perfect synthetic motorcycle oil in San Diego, CAcontact Synthetic Oil Inc. at (800) 653-0323. You can also browse their full selection of products from the comfort of your own home by visiting their online shop!

Inspect the Fluids

Your motorcycle relies on essential fluids to keep it running safely and efficiently. Check the floor around your motorcycle for pooling fluids that indicate leaks. If you do detect a leak, get it fixed before taking your motorcycle on the road. Some of the fluids you will need to check include the brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and the fuel. Just like with the oil, check the condition and the level of each. Most of these fluids will be ready to go if they were changed before putting your bike in storage, but they still need to be checked just to be sure. If your fluids are running low, simply top them off using the same type of fluid.

Take a Look at the Brake Pads

For your safety, it's important that you take a look at your brake pads before starting up your bike. You will most likely need to grab a flashlight to get a good look at them. Your brake pads should have some lining left in order to be able to work properly. If you're not sure about the condition of your brakes, it's best to take your motorcycle to the shop to get serviced.

Give It a Wash

Washing your motorcycle may seem like a task centered purely on aesthetics, but it's more important than just about making your motorcycle look good. Washing your motorcycle will get rid of built on debris, giving you a better look at the condition of the body. This can help you detect any areas affected by moisture, rust, and even cracks. Once your motorcycle is clean, apply a layer of wax to keep it protected from the outdoor elements. For even more tips that can help you prepare your motorcycle for your first spring ride, check out Honda'sT-CLOCS: Pre-Ride Checklist.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in San Diego, CA

Don't take your motorcycle out on the road this spring without first giving it a synthetic oil change in San Diego, CA. For expert help finding the right products for your motorcycle, contact Synthetic Oil Inc at (800) 653-0323.

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