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Prepare to Ride Your Motorcycle During Autumn

No two seasons are the same, which is why, as a motorcycle rider, you need to take extra precautions when entering the fall season. Not only will temperatures start to drop, road conditions may also quickly start to change. These changes can leave you in potential danger if you're not properly prepared. Follow these tips from Synthetic Oil Inc. to be as prepared as possible for the season.

Cooler Weather and Riding Gear

As temperatures start to drop you may start to realize that what you wore during your summer rides just isn't cutting it anymore. Ideally, during the fall months you should dress in light layers that will keep you warm when temperatures are low but that are also easy to shed when the sun is shining brightly. As always, wearing a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, and long sleeves are a must. As winter approaches and temperatures drop even further, you can take your leather jacket out of storage and start using it during your rides.

Check the Weather Forecast

Since the weather will no longer be as bright and warm as it was during the summer months, it is essential that you're properly prepared to take on the fall weather. To ensure you don't get caught in windy conditions or a rain storm, be sure to check the weather forecast before heading out the door. It's a good idea to carry rain gear with you, but if the forecast is predicting heavy rain it's best to wait for it to clear before hopping on your motorcycle.

Keep Up With Motorcycle Maintenance

To keep your motorcycle healthy and yourself safe, take some time to perform necessary seasonal maintenance. Start by washing your motorcycle and drying it thoroughly. Next, go through and inspect all of its parts while tightening loose nuts and bolts. Give the tires some attention, ensuring that they aren't too worn and that they're at the recommended air pressure. Check your brakes in order to be sure you'll be safe on the road. Lastly, give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change. A synthetic oil will help keep your engine clean and better protected as it works to keep you moving. No matter how low temperatures get, you can count on a synthetic oil to keep your engine well lubricated and protected. To find the best synthetic motorcycle oilcontact Synthetic Oil Inc. in La Mesa. Their experts can help you find the best AMSOIL synthetic oil and oil filters for all of your engines. Contact them at (800) 653-0323 or check out their online shop for a full range of products.

Be Prepared for the Dark

Fall days tend to be shorter with less daylight hours. This means you may be caught riding your motorcycle in the dark more often. To stay safe on the road in the dark, be sure your lights are all properly working. Not only will this ensure you can see the road clearly, it will also help other drivers spot you.

Look Out for Road Dangers

As you head out on the road this season, be sure you're aware of the dangers that will start to affect your rides. Moist conditions and dropping temperatures can add up to slick, icy roads. Slow down, especially when riding your motorcycle in the early morning hours when roads are more slick. The fall leaves may make for a beautiful sight, but when they start to accumulate on the road they can actually present some issues. Avoid riding over piles of leaves since these can hide road dangers underneath. Leaves can also become very slippery when they are moist, so avoid driving over them this season.

Holiday Traffic Conditions

Long holiday weekends offer much needed breaks from daily life, but they can also mean extra traffic on the road. For motorcycle riders, this may be even worse news. Stressed and distracted drivers may be less aware of the motorcyclists they are sharing the road with. As a motorcycle rider, it's up to you to stay alert and make yourself as visible as possible in order to stay safe. Don't assume other drivers know where you are and instead practice defensive driving.

Motorcycle Storage

Starting the storage process for your motorcycle in the fall can sound like a crazy suggestion, but don't completely discredit it. No matter how much you love riding your motorcycle, you have to put your safety first. If conditions start to get to harsh at any point during the season, storage may be better option.

Give Your Motorcycle a Synthetic Oil Change in La Mesa

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