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Tips to Help You Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare your vehicle to take on winter weather with these seasonal maintenance tips.

Clean Your Lights

Most vehicle owners don't pay very much attention to their lights until there is an issue with them. While this is easy to detect when it comes to headlights, you may not even notice there is an issue with your rear lights until something happens. Ensuring that all of your vehicle's lights are functioning properly is very important in the winter because of the reduced amount of daylight hours and the the heavy amount of less than ideal weather. To maintain yourself visible on the road and to ensure you have a better view of road conditions, keep your lights clean and working well. Have someone help your check that your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, high beams, and turn signals are all bright and functioning. If any of these aren't working, replace the bulbs immediately. Remember to also give the plastic covering a cleaning in order to ensure your lights are dimmed by built up debris and gunk.

Test Your Battery

The cold winter temperatures can cause extra strain on your battery this season, especially if your vehicle is stored outdoors. If you've been using the same battery for over three years, you may want to consider replacing it. Most batteries will last anywhere from three to five years, so it's best to replace it before it leaves you stranded on the cold winter roads. If you're not sure how old your battery is, head over to your mechanic and ask them to perform a volt test. This test can let you know about how much life is left in your battery.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

If you didn't replace your windshield wipers after a harsh summer, they may be dry, brittle, and unable to perform their function properly. This can become a real issue when you're driving through harsh winter weather that will leave you with minimal visibility. To avoid losing sight of the road during a heavy downpour or snowfall, replace your windshield wipers and top off your windshield wiper fluid.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

The winter is the perfect time to make the change to a full synthetic oil, no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. A conventional oil will have a harder time protecting your engine as temperatures dip, especially on cold starts. To ensure your engine is thoroughly protected this season, give your vehicle a synthetic oil change with the best AMSOIL Oil. No matter the engine type, AMSOIL has got your needs covered. Contact Synthetic Oil Inc. in Lemon Grove for help finding the best synthetic oil for all of your engines. Call them at (800) 653-0323 or stop by their online shop for a full selection of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

Test Your Defroster

Ensuring that your defroster and temperature controls are properly working will guarantee much more than just comfort. If your defroster isn't working, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation while on the road. This device helps keep your windshield from fogging up, ensuring you are able to see the road. The temperature controls will allow you to be more comfortable as you drive, but can also make a huge difference if you get stuck on the road. If you're stuck on a particularly cold night, turning on your heating while you wait for help to arrive can keep you warm and safe.

Change Your Tires

If you're expecting to drive in an area with a temperature below 45 degrees, it's best that you change to winter tires. These tires are more flexible at lower temperatures, helping to give you better traction. If you won't be driving through temperatures this low, you should still pay attention to your tires. Cold weather will cause your tires to lose air pressure, reducing your traction and handling. Check on your tire pressure periodically and fill up your tires to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Fill up on Fuel

To avoid having condensation cause rust and corrosion in your fuel tank, do your best to keep your tank as close to full as possible. Allowing your vehicle to sit with a near empty tank can cause condensation to form, leading to rust and issues with your fuel system. It is also useful to have a full tank just in case you get stuck on the road since this will allow you to use your heating and other important components.

Give Your Vehicle a Synthetic Oil Change in Lemon Grove

To adequately prepare your vehicle for the winter cold, give it a full synthetic oil change in Lemon Grove. To find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle, contact  Synthetic Oil Inc at (800) 653-0323. Stop by their online shop for a full range of the best AMSOIL products around for all of your engine.

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