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Have you ever been curious as to what the right questions are to ask a used car dealer? If so, you are on the right track. Asking questions about a used car is a great way to separate the duds from the winners in your quest for used car glory. Here are some questions to ask when you are looking for a reliable, safe, used vehicle.

Can I Check the Oil?

Generally, this question probably doesn't get asked a lot and you may be met with a blank stare by the salesperson, but nevertheless it is important because by checking the oil, you will be able to get a good idea of the individual who owned the car previously. If the oil is gunky and black, oil changes were most likely not a huge priority for the previous owner and that is a huge warning sign since oil changes are a very important, basic procedure. If the previous owner never bothered to keep their oil changes current, just imagine how many other basics they neglected to take care of. You can always benefit from a synthetic oil change in San Diego. Call Synthetic Oil Inc in San Diego at (800) 653-0323 to purchase AMSOIL synthetic oil for your next synthetic oil change. Also, make sure that you check out our online store for the best AMSOIL synthetic oil in San Diego.

Can You Please Put This on a Lift for Me?

This is an especially good trick for weeding out the junk. If you happen to be mechanically inclined, you will be able to learn a great deal about your potential new car by looking under the chassis. Even if you are not the most sought after when it comes to mechanics, you can still look for things such as rust and leaks. Also, if there is a lift and the car dealer won't let you have a peek at the underbelly, take off immediately and never look back.

Why Is This Car for Sale?

This question has a lot of power because it allows you to see what the intentions of the salesperson are and whether or not they are willing to lie to you just to make a sell. To find out if they're lying to you, trust your instincts and ask them for further information to clarify that what they are saying is true. If you do catch them in a lie, steer clear from them because if they are willing to lie about something small, the chances are that they are willing to lie about something big which can cause you a lot of problems in the future.

Do You Personally Have the Title for the Car?

If they do have the title, that is a good sign which indicates that there is nothing untoward or underhanded happening at the dealership. If they don't have the title in hand, then the whole thing might be a scam and you should stay away from that particular dealership or person.

Can I Take It for a Test Drive?

If you are able to, ask to take the car for a drive to test the overall usability and function of the vehicle. If the salesperson declines, then you can rest assured that the vehicle is on its last legs and will bite the dust sooner rather than later.

Can You Please Show Me the Maintenance History?

Regular maintenance is a sure sign that everything will be in fine working order and you will not have a headache due to maintenance problems in the future. Also, be aware that too much maintenance means that your potential new vehicle is really just a money pit in disguise that will need constant and expensive work to keep it running.

Can I Take This to My Mechanic?

If you have a reliable mechanic who is going to be able to check out your potential new vehicle then you might as well take advantage of this opportunity. Having a professional grade mechanic in your corner is a sure way to win when it comes to buying a used vehicle. If the salesperson declines, then you are going to have to be on your guard. In summary, if it feels like the salesperson has anything to hide from you, do not buy anything from them. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with used cars. For more great information on used cars, check out this page on the most underrated used cars that you can buy today.

Maintain Your New or Used Vehicle with the Best Synthetic Oil in San Diego

Whether you drive a used or new vehicle, maintain the engine with a AMSOIL synthetic oil change in San Diego, as it helps your vehicle to live longer and gives you top notch protection. Call Synthetic Oil Inc in San Diego at (800) 653-0323 today to get AMSOIL high quality products for your next synthetic oil change in San Diego. Also, make sure that you check out our online store to make a purchase.

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