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If you're excited to finally take your boat out on the water this spring, use these simple tips to ensure your boat is properly prepared. As always, be sure to use a quality synthetic marine oil as part of your preparations.

How to Take Your Boat out of Winter Storage

If your boat has been in...
Is your motorcycle ready for the spring? This post can help you ensure your ride is ready for the new season with plenty of tips, including suggestions for the right synthetic motorcycle oil.

How to Properly Take Your Motorcycle out of Winter Storage and onto the Spring Roads

Charge the Battery

Many motor oil myths are commonly taken as truth, but how much about these myths is actually true? This post can help you uncover the real truth behind these common motor oil myths.

The Truth Behind Six Common Motor Oil Myths

If you believe everything you hear about motor oil you're probably...

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for the Winter

Now that winter is here, motorcycle riders must decide whether to store their ride for the season or continue riding in the cold. Whatever you decide, be sure you take the proper steps to keep yourself and your motorcycle safe.

How to Store Your...


Tips to Help You Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare your vehicle to take on winter weather with these seasonal maintenance tips.

Clean Your Lights

Most vehicle owners don't pay very much attention to their lights until there is an issue with them. While this is easy to detect when it comes...

Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Boat

As the end of fall approaches, so does the end of boating season. Synthetic Oil Inc. in San Diego has some tips to help you prepare your boat for its winter storage.

Clean Your Boat

One of the first things you will need to do before putting your boat away for...

Prepare to Ride Your Motorcycle During Autumn

No two seasons are the same, which is why, as a motorcycle rider, you need to take extra precautions when entering the fall season. Not only will temperatures start to drop, road conditions may also quickly start to change. These changes can leave you...
It's been six months since one of the most controversial scandals rocked the automotive industry. In its wake, it has changed the face of a company from good to bad and has forced us to reevaluate our common goals for the protection of the environment. This scandal is referred to as diesel gate....
There is no opportune moment for your car to overheat. Unfortunately it does happen, especially during the summer or in places with hot weather…and with the heat coming up better start with those preventive measures. At Synthetic Oil in San Diego we have come up with some information you need to...
Many of us only think about saving money right away. That is why when we hear synthetic oil, we think it’s not really worth it to spend more money. What we don’t think is of the benefits and the savings that it will bring us in the long run. We urge you to consider future savings and not just...

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